Wednesday, January 13, 2010

United States Association of Fringe Festival Website Update

The United States Association of Fringe Festival (USAFF) website just got an update. Although from a design perspective I thought their other site looked and felt much better, the new version is much easier to use, presents the information in a way that makes it easy to understand and will most likley be better optomized for search engines which is a good thing because it lets Fringe or Die finds everywhere find the information in their Google searches. 

Unlike the Rouge Fest website which was the only other place to get an entire festival listing update (which most a jumbled mess of broken links and disorganized chaos) the Calendar link on the USAFF site lists only 14 US Fringes and puts them into two columns by date and location.

This recent revision, I feel, is a good sign for the fringe world. It's like when Taco Bell added the little dog or Burger King added the King. After years of floundering around in the abyss, these are examples of companies that got focused in creating something that would have an impact and reach out and connect with people. Although the USAFF website company graphic looks a little like it it was downloaded from Word Star or a 1983 computer clip art directory, I'm able to overlook that for their larger mission.

Simplicity, cohesiveness, connectedness and community.

Nice work guys!

To check out the USAFF cleaner, sleeker, more user-friendly look, visit

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