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Greensboro Fringe Festival

By Guest Reviewer: Kati Frazier

Guest Festival Ranking: 3 out of 5 bowties

Mr. Fringey’s Description: Honest, true, and southern like a one-eyed, bubble gum chewing nine year ol’ kid.


The Sunny-side: (Give 3 reasons this fringe is the bomb)

1. There's no application fee. It is totally free to apply the only money GSO fringe gets out of you is a cut of the door. Not too shabby.

2. There is a really great variety of shows. Dance, Burlesque, and all kinds of theatre, from typical to experimental.

3. It's a young fringe. A blessing and curse. But it does mean that everyone has a shot. Things are always changing, every year the Fringe takes on something new. For example a few years ago they started "the New Fringe" a collection of short pieces of dance and theatre shows together on the same night. That's how I got into the fringe with a ten minute play I wrote called Flesh and Bone. Plus, with it being new and young the audience is still really excited about all the new work. Greensboro really has a great and diverse theatre-going crowd.

The Flip-side: (Give 3 reasons this fringe sucks or what makes it difficult)

1. It's a young fringe. Like I said, a blessing and a curse. There are still plenty of people in town who give you a puzzled look when you say you're doing a show in the Fringe Festival, ("I didn't know we had a French festival." "no, no fringe." etc) Don't get me wrong, there is a definite audience here, a great one, but adding to the people who are already in on it can be a bit challenging.

2. Pretty much all of the shows happen downtown. But, there aren't always quite enough venues. Last year I was told (paraphrasing of course), "we want your show in the festival, but we don't have a performance space for you. If you can find one, you're in." Which was a bit of a struggle. But from what I can tell they are already working on this.

3. City Arts, which is the primary venue for Fringe shows, is a really nice and flexible space . . . .but has occasional strange pipe noises, which make things sound ominous. It's really not a big deal, but it bugs with my controlling nature. Fringe takes 20% of the door, the rest is yours to do with as you please, preferably convert it into singles and bathe in it, that's what I do . . . . not really.

Ease of Filling Seats:

What's the best way to fill your seats here marketing-wise?

Putting fliers in peoples hands has always worked really well for me. Going to coffee shops at busy times or hanging out on Tate St. or near the colleges and just handing people a postcard-sized flier really does wonders.

Is there a fringe central?

There's an office, but nothing I would really call a fringe central.

Is there a showcase for out of town performers?

did I mention it's a young fringe? To my knowledge there haven't been any out of town performers yet. Not that they are against it. I just don't think anyone has applied.

Potential to Make Money:

Do you get 100% of door? If not, how much.

If you find your own venue I believe you get 100%

Do performers see other shows for free?

nope, but none of the shows are very expensive. No one charges more than $10.

Do you get paid each night? If not how? Were you paid on time if the money was sent to you?

You get paid after the run, about a week later. The check arrived on time. I had no problems

Navigation of the City

What city do you fly into and how did you get to your destination?

Uhm, yeah, as I said we haven't had any out-of-towners in our fringe yet. But PTI airport is right in Greensboro. The bus system is decent. Not too hard to get around.

Can you walk to all the venues? If not how did you get around?

Usually everything is downtown, all of it within walking distance of eachother. There are some hotels nearby as well.

Did you use fringe fest lodging? If so, how was the lodging? If not, who did you stay with?

Doesn't exist, there simply isn't a need yet.

How big of a money sock do you need here, based on food prices, and other expenses? (Choose one: A tiny sock, a men's tube sock, a full blown stocking)

Tiny Sock. There are plenty of cheap places to east downtown, the shows are all reasonably priced. It really isn't an expensive endeavor

Fringe Specs:

Fringe Specs:

Age in Fringe Years: 8 years (these are southern three-legged dog years)

Festival Dates: Jan 22 – Feb 14, 2010

Application Deadline: September 30, 2009

And: Apply with video/cd and resume. (uh-oh?! - and limited to North Carolina and surrounding area residents)

Applying: http://www.greensborofringefestival.org/

Festival Cost: $0 (cool huh?)

Ticket Prices: vary, everyone gets to charge what they want as long as it is under $10. You don't even have to charge at all if you don't want to.

About Mr. Fringy's Guest Reviewer: Kati Frazier

Mr. Fringey’s tag: The Cicada is the new butterfly.

Check her/him out at: (website, blog, My Space page links, etc.) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kati-Frazier/190670787440?created#/pages/Kati-Frazier/190670787440?ref=search&sid=25002405.2860549015..1 I definitely just made a facebook fan page so I could put something here. Let's face it, I'm a bit green.

What categories does your show fall under? (IE, comedy, women, religious, etc).

Non-linear queer drama in which all the characters are assholes . . . . that's a category right?

How long have you been fringing?

I've done the Greensboro Fringe twice before and that is it. I am pretty new, just out of college and stretching my wings and various other metaphors.

What fringe did you make your most important contact?

yep . . . see above

In one word, why do you fringe?


What's the name of the show (s) you are fringing this year?

The Last Year is what I am fringing this coming year. I am pretty excited about it. It may be the most inappropriate thing I have ever written.

Do you use your own tech person at your shows? If so, how much do you pay them?

yes. It's something I am still negotiating.

Any fringes to avoid?


Photos by:

Me. The poster is from the show I did last year. The other is of me, drunk.

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