Sunday, January 11, 2009

Top Ten Fringe Awards

Mr. Fringey’s Top Ten

Fringe Awards of 2008

1. Best City to Get Rich

Minnesota Fringe

2. Best “Fringe Central” Show

Boulder Fringe’s Eddie the Eskimo Show

3. Strongest On-line Presence

Capital Fringe

4. Best Community

San Francisco Fringe

5. Lamest Attitude

New York Fringe

6. Best Use of The Silent Treatment

Prague Fringe

7. Best Party

Montreal Fringe

8. Most Mysterious Fringe Experience

Provincetown Fringe

9. Most Anticipated Upcoming Fringe

Hollywood Fringe

10. Most Likely to Yelp for Help

Indianapolis Fringe


Anonymous said...

NOT TRUE that the Minnesota Fringe is the best Fringe "to get rich" at. NO WAY. The MN Fringe gives performers 60% of their box office take -- NOT 100% like Canadian Fringes (that's why they were kicked out of CAFF several years ago). Hence, if you're an out-of-town performer, even if your houses are great, you're not recouping travel and living expenses like you do at Edmo or Winnipeg. Also, despite being an 11-day Fringe, each show still only gets FIVE performances, compared to the 6 or 7 at most Canadian Fringes. Yes, it's a great Fringe -- it is -- but not a get-rich one.

Anonymous said...

MN fringe is probably not the best place to get rich, mostly due to the sheer number of performers, but it has, by far, the best website and best online presence. Capital? Are you kidding me?

Mr. Fringey said...

ok, it's been officially reversed - Capital Fringe - Best Money Maker. MN Fringe - Best On-line Presence.

Anonymous said...

Can we get an 11th award for "Most Unflappable Staff" and give it to Winnipeg? Those admins and organizers are just phenomenal. They deal with the trials, tribulations and soap opera drama of around 140 shows and NEVER get shocked, pissed, furious, riled up or otherwise emotionally overwrought. They just impress me to no end, and I hope someone who hands out karma is noticing.

Anonymous said...

#8 is HILARIOUS, by the way.

Other ideas:
11. Gayest Fringe -- Orlando
12. Most Reminiscent Of Summer Camp -- The Berkshire Fringe
13. Harshest Warning To Take Heed And Do Some Financial Planning -- Seattle Fringe

Dan Bernitt said...

Provincetown Fringe is absolutely mysterious. I did the festival twice and I still don't know what happened.