Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sort of Fringy Dud Alert! The One Festival

Dud Alert!

The One Festival

About The One

In 2007, yours truly was praying each and every morning that ”the one” would come into his life. Like a typical, single, fringe performer who had only experienced bad things on match.com, he turned to the secrets in “The Secret.” Each morning he would rise and say “The One is coming to me now! The One is coming to me now!” Well, a few months later he got a call from a theatre in New York (officially Off-Broadway) that he was officially invited to perform his solo show in “The One Festival,” which takes place at Teatro La Tea. How’s that for karma. Here he was praying for a girl and he gets a festival instead…. And a dud at that. No pay. No audience. But a chance to vie for the best show in the festival. He’s been afraid to post this festival entry on his resume ever since. On the plus side is a fully produced show in New York. If you have a good NYC theatre fan base it might be worth it, if you don’t cringe at the thought of performing with theatre side dishes.

Save the Date

When: April 6-19, 2009

Where: Teatro La Tea Theatre – New Yawk City, NY

What: And annual festival that showcases theatrical solo performances.

And: Accepts 10 original non-published theatrical works (full length and shorts).

Info for Performers

Shows: Solo shows only. Full Length: 45 min – 1hr 15 min. Short Length: 30 minutes or less

You get: 3 performances, a technician and theatre space.

Performer Split: $0

And: Two of the theatrical works produced by the festival will receive $500 cash prize, plus a full theatrical production at Teatro LA TEA at The Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center in NYC’s Lower East Side. The audience will be the judges by voting for their favorite play. Only finalists with 75 votes or more will qualify for the cash prize. The performance with the highest votes will be the ONE winner!

Fringe Info

Selection process: Jury w/ DVD, script, etc.

Application Deadline: Feb 13, 2009

Cost: $15- $30

More Info: Veronica Caicedo at 212-529-1948

Website: www.caicedoproductions.com/events.htm


Snail Mail to:


P.O. Box 20673

New York, NY 10009

Attn: Veronica Caicedo

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