Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fringe Alert! Long Island Fringe Fest

Fringe Baby Alert!

Mr. Fringey absolutely loves it when a new fringe baby is born. This one, in Long Island, New York, looks good from all the calculations too, in terms of size, weight, and birth mother. Although Mr. Fringey is somewhat reserved in committing to a new festival because the return isn't usually worth the investment, if you're looking for a great way to make it out to New York, this fringe seems to be the way to do it. With a built in audience connected to Long Island University, my prediction is that this fringe won't suffer the same ticket sale problems that Frigid Fest and the New York Fringe suffer from. Stay tuned for a review of this one when it's all done.

Long Island Fringe Festival

Save the Date

When: September 25-27, 2009

Times of Fringe: September 25 -3pm-11pm

September 26 12pm-11pm

September 27 10am-7pm

Where: CW Post College of Long Island University

Info for Performers

What: Shows must be between 30 and 45 minutes only!

You get: At least 2 performances a day.

Performer Split: Performers get 100% except for certain main stage events where the split is 50/50.

Ticket Prices: No more than $10

Fringe Info

Selection process: Jury/Lottery Combo (15 juried spots and the rest by Fringe lottery)

Application Deadline: January 30, 2009

Cost: $50 or $100 for groups of 3 or more.

Additional Costs: Venue rental from $5 - $200/show.

Questions: e-mail or call 516-931-6849.


- Download application from

- Send snail mail application, demo, resume, etc to:

ATTN: Robert Goida

Long Island Fringe Festival

Tilles Center

720 Northern Boulevard

Brookville, New York 11548


debbydoll said...

Tilles Center

Mainstage performances have been announced.

For updates go to:

debbydoll said...
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debbydoll said...

Long Island - FRINGE 2009 - Mainstage performance tickets go on sale JUNE 12, 2009.

debbydoll said...

I am wondering what you would be able to call a festival that was designed after the HISTORIC event in Edinburgh, if you can not call it FRINGE?

We are a fringe. We want to honor the tradition & I don't want to be bullied to have to change our intent.

We honor ALL those who embrace the arts & we would never want to cause distress.

Our goal is to participate NOT compete. So, the true spirit of creativity, we celebrate the arts with this festival, no matter what it is ALLOWED to be called.

I might ADD that NO ONE in the USA OWNS the word "fringe". The following is a quote from -

"In the United States, no one organization or individual owns or controls the name "Fringe." There are no rules or regulations for how the individual festivals operate. The festivals' content, finances and structure vary from city to city. Generally, however, all the festivals are committed to an open forum of expression that minimizes the financial risks for both artists and audiences. Fringes strive to keep application fees and ticket prices low so that more people can participate in our festivals."