Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mr. Fringey's New Features in 2009

1) All New Fringe Duds
Mr. Fringey finally got wise to what was going on here at Fringe or Die Central. After a year's worth of glowing reviews of nearly all the US fringe fests he learned that most performers are, to put it bluntly, afraid to have nocturnal emissions in the same pair of underwear that they have to share with the rest of their performance family.

In other words
, no one really will come forward and tell Mr. fringey how bad a fringe sucks because they're afraid of the ramifcations. And so, Mr. Fringey has created Fringe Dud enrties, a completely anonymous way for fringe or die fans to tell others how bad a festval is without revelaing your identity. Hate one? Lay it on us in 200 words or less and we will erect an effigy in your honor.

2) Full Frontal Fringe Advice
Life is too short for you to wait any longer! It's time to grab your career by the matzoballs and start making your living as the performer you've always wanted to become. And so, Mr. Fringey has deemed Fridays - Full Frontal Fridays. Once a week, Mr. Fringey will be offering you Full Frontal advice on how to take your fringe career to the next level. Expect help in identifying your barriers to success - get your artistic life in order and take charge of your creative career. Don't miss Full Frontal Fridays......

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