Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Guest Review: Cincinnati Fringe

By Guest Reviewer: Les Kurkendaal

Mr. Fringey's description:
The "my grandma's ten tattoos beat your grandma's lip ring" fringe.

Mr. Fringey’s Festival Ranking:
5 bow ties our of 5.

The Cincy audiences are very supportive. The Fringe Staff is awesome. The performance spaces are cool.

Flip Side: There is nothing difficult, this fringe is very well run.

Your Money Sock: You need a tiny sock. It's not an expensive city so you can get by easily. Lot's of funky places to eat that aren't that expensive. Also, The Fringe has it's own bar at the "Know Theatre "with drink specials for fringe artists.

How to Fill Your Seats:
Flyering lines of the popular shows, hanging out and meeting people at Fringe central . Also The press is very supportive of the Fringe which helps as well.
Fringe Central is at the Know Theatre. It is open all day. They have computers set up with internet access for the out-of-towners. They also have a bar. Every night they had a party, some nights karaoke, some nights they had live bands and it was lots of fun. And audience members show up there and hang out so it is a great place to pimp your show

Fringe Specs:

Age in Fringe Years: A really great 5 year old with ADHD (but it’s controlled completely with medication, so it’s ok to bring him to public events)

Festival Dates: May 26 – June 9

Application Deadline: December 7,2008

Applying: Snail mail with application and demo. You can find the info at www.cincyfringe.com

Festival Cost: $30 (yeah you read that right - it makes the 50% cut well worth it!)

Ticket Prices: 10 bucks. Performers see shows for free.

Payment: You get 50 percent of the door. I got my check 1 week later.

Showcase: Yes there are showcases for out of town performers

Venue Location: All venues are close and within walking distance.

Travel-in: you can fly into Cincinnati, Dayton or Indianapolis

Travel Advisory: I used fest lodging . You either stayed with someone or at the bed and breakfast in the neighborhood that billeted Fringe performers for free.

About Guest Reviewer Les Kurkkendaal

Check him out at: www.myspace.com/leskurkendaal

What categories does your show fall under? Storytelling/solo performance

How long have you been fringing? 8 years

How many fringes do you do each year? 4-5 fringes

What has been your favorite fringe? It's a tie between Minnesota and Cincinnati

What has been your biggest money making fringe? Capital Fringe

What fringe did you make your most important contact? I made my most important contact at Minnesota Fringe

In one word, why do you fringe? I fringe because I love doing Independent Theatre and I love traveling to new cities.

What's the name of the show (s) you are fringing this year? I have 2 shows : "Christmas in Bakersfield" and my new show which is called "The Attack of the Big Angry Bootie"

Do you use your own tech person at your shows? If so, how much do you pay them? I use Fringe techs

Any fringes to avoid? I have heard horrible stories about Kansas City Fringe and Iowa Fringe

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