Thursday, July 31, 2008

Finding Good Gigs

From time to time, a friend will send me info about a festival or event that they think one of my shows would be perfect for. For some reason, every time I apply to one of them, I get in and get my full fee. Cool beans!

I've always wished that there was a list like this somewhere, but the truth is, although there are sites that list tons of events like these, the majority aren't appropriate for performers like us and it's just a waste of time to apply.

Below, I've included a few festivals that are especially "solo-performance friendly" and definitely fringe friendly.

Do you know of any gigs like this. If so add them!

Oral History Performance Conference
Hob-knob with members of the National Geographic Society, the Army Corps of Engineers and other types that place story telling outside the box. In 2008 it was in NYC, but the conference changes location every year.

North Charleston Performing Arts Festival - Charleston, SC -
Meant to compete with the Piccolo Spoleto Festival which takes place in Charleston, this new festival is worth looking into.

The One Festival (of One Person shows) - New York, NY -
Get accepted, perform and win and your solo show will get a fully produced spot at an Off-Broadway theater.

Roanoke Arts Festival - Roanoke, VA
I rubbed elbows with some famous peeps at this festival and had a great venue for my show.

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